AsthmApp is the future of asthma management.

With AsthmApp, you can get help when you need it, monitor your asthma, learn more about asthma, and have your health stats easily exported for health professionals to review. You’ll also never miss an appointment or your daily inhaler with our custom notifications.

Why AsthmApp

AsthmApp is the future of asthma management. We are completely changing how people manage their asthma condition. We want people to take more responsibility for their health with support from friends and family.

With AsthmApp you can monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels daily, check for signs of wheezing, summarise your health data for health professionals and so much more! The Android version of AsthmApp is available on download for free  from Google Play Store while the Apple version is aimed for launch before Q4, 2024. Watch this space!. 

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Another advantage that we bring to our customers is the option to buy life enhancing devices at great discounts. Oximeters are useful kits that help you check your blood oxygen saturation levels and our  are easy to use at home. Some people ‘feel fine’ even though really, their blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) are below what is good for them. We know because we’ve been there! We are encouraging everyone with asthma to get a good oximeter for home use and record their SpO2 levels regularly. This is in addition to whatever else your Doctor or Nurse recommend for you. And for the price of a nice meal-for-two in the pub, our Oximeters are more than affordable. Click here to buy an Oximeter today!

AsthmApp will be offered to our discerning customers on a Free trial basis at first followed by optional plans for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

 With all AsthmApp subscriptions, you will have access to our AMAZING Buddy Package which gives your buddies access to the data that you want them to see – all in line with GDPR rules! You and only you get to choose who you designate as your Buddy. And rest assured, complete privacy of your data is handled in a secure manner on our App. (It also allows nosey mums to check if their children are taking their inhaler every day!) If our app detects abnormal health readings, it can alert your Buddy (Buddies) with a short text message which will ask them to call and check that you are fine.

AsthmApp | Conquer your asthma, be in control!

Do you have asthma or you are a parent / carer of someone with asthma, sign up here to pre-register for the Premium version of the App
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