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At AsthmApp we recognise the sensitive nature of health and personal data that you may store on our website and mobile App. We strongly believe in transparency and respect your privacy. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.


This privacy statement explains how we at AsthmApp, AsthmApp Limited (“AsthmApp”, “us”, “we” or “our”) use your personal information to provide you with the AsthmApp mobile application (AsthmApp) and website (

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We ask that you read this privacy statement carefully as it contains important information about what personal information, we may collect from you and how we will use it. Any questions that you may have regarding this privacy statement are welcomed and should be sent to

This Privacy Statement should be read in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions. We strongly encourage you to review this Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions carefully and ensure that they contain nothing that you are not prepared to agree to, before you decide to accept the Terms & Conditions and use AsthmApp or our website (www.

How we process your data at AsthmApp

To register an account, you have to enter your email address and choose a password.  You may also register using a Google Account or Facebook.  Once you have registered, you will benefit from the following functionality:

    • Automatic backup to our secure servers. As well as the ability to restore and recover your account and its associated data on another device

When you use AsthmApp or when you go on our website, some personal and non-personal data is collected, stored, and analysed using internal and third-party tools.

There are two main purposes for which we process data and the type of data that is processed to fulfil each purpose:

  1. To provide our services and understand your needs

First and foremost, it is vital for us to stress that we (AsthmApp, AsthmApp Ltd) do not and will never sell any personally identifiable information about you to third parties.  However, you may still feel uncomfortable storing health information to a connected device.  Therefore, you should consider the safety and privacy of your data before using AsthmApp generally and utilising the export feature of the app specifically.  You should refrain from sharing or exporting data unless you are certain that the receiving email address is authorised, credible, and secure.

When you use AsthmApp, or when you go on our website, AsthmApp collects, stores, and uses some personal and non-personal data.  We mainly do this to provide you with our services, which may include the sending of occasional informational and promotional messages as well as reminders to your smartphone via push notifications.

We are very thoughtful and selective about what we communicate and how often. You always remain in full control of your communication preferences with AsthmApp. You can change the settings within the app at anytime.

We also do this in order to understand your needs and your use of our app and website, to analyse bugs and fix issues, and to bring you more useful features.  To sum it up, we process this data to provide you the best and most reliable experience of our services.

These are the types of data we collect:

Device data
This data informs us about the device you use to access our services, such as the model, name and identifiers, device settings, the application identifier, and crash information. On our website, we collect information about your browser and browser settings, the operating system you use, and the system settings of your device.

Event and usage data
When you use the app or when you go our website, our servers process anonymised data in order to understand your usage of our services, for example, which pages you visit or which tab in the app you open. We collect this information and use it as aggregate data to allow us to better understand which features are the most relevant or useful to our users as whole, and to communicate with you about relevant and timely information and promotional content.

IP address
We collect IP addresses provided by your browser or mobile device to deliver the service to your device. We also use the IP address to determine your approximate location for statistical and analytics purposes.

By accepting this privacy policy and by using our app, you explicitly agree to the collection and processing of your data. Should you disagree with it, we recommend you stop using our services, or delete your account and uninstall the app.


  1. To deliver personalised insights 

The data you track in AsthmApp about your health and activities is considered sensitive personal data.  AsthmApp does not store sensitive personal data without your explicit permission. It is only when you give us explicit consent by creating AsthmApp account that we start storing all your health and sensitive data on our secured servers, as well as the personal data necessary to create an account.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by simply deleting your account in the app.

Here is the type of data we collect and store when you create an account:

Personal data used for account creation – We need some of your personal data including your email address in order to create your AsthmApp account.

Health and sensitive data – We store health data, such as your oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and other health factors you track in the app. It’s important to clarify that your health data is encrypted safely on our services and the only personal information it is attached to is your e-mail address.  You can find a detailed explanation of what you consent to when creating an account with AsthmApp in the next section of our Privacy Policy.

Your consent for processing health and sensitive data

If you create an account with AsthmApp, your personal data, including sensitive data and data related to your health, is stored on your device and is also stored and processed on AsthmApp servers. This is done so we can offer you the option of backing up your data and to enable additional features (such as the ability to transfer, restore, and recover data between Apple and Android devices).

By creating an account with AsthmApp you explicitly consent that:

  1. AsthmApp may store and process personal data you provide through the usage of the AsthmApp application and through the account creation process solely for the purpose of providing AsthmApp services to you and to improve AsthmApp’s service features. Such AsthmApp services may include sending you information and reminders through AsthmApp e.g. via push notification or to the email address you provided to AsthmApp.
  2. Such personal data you provide to AsthmApp through the account creation process for the purpose of providing AsthmApp’s service includes personal data you enter into the AsthmApp app, such as your account data (e.g. your email address), and your health data which may include your oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, your medication and supplements and other health factors you track in the app.   All of your health data is encrypted on the server end and cannot be read by anyone but yourself.

iii. AsthmApp will not transmit any of your personal data to third parties, except if it is required to provide the AsthmApp service to you (e.g. technical service providers), unless AsthmApp has asked for your explicit consent.

You may withdraw your consent to this use of your data at any time by deleting your AsthmApp account.  This can also be requested by e-mailing  You can also delete your data from the settings page within the AsthmApp mobile application.

Your rights

We believe that data privacy is a basic human right. At AsthmApp we strive to ensure that your rights are respected. Here are some key facts about your privacy that we would like you to know:

  1. Our products and services have been designed to minimise the use of your personal data. We only collect and process your data for the purposes that have been previously outlined.
  2. Your data is highly secured on our servers.

iii. We do not retain your data in an identifiable format for longer than necessary to deliver our services.

iv. AsthmApp does not engage in any automated decision-making or profiling activities.


As a user of AsthmApp’s services and website, you may exercise your user rights to:

i. Request information on your personal data processed by AsthmApp. Upon your request, this information will be provided to you electronically.

ii. Gain access to your information by requesting a backup of your data (as explained in the next section) in a format that is readable by other companies or organisations (data portability).

iii. Correct your personal information and health data in the app settings and in the tracking categories available in the AsthmApp mobile app.

iv. Withdraw your consent from data processing at any time by deleting your account (as explained in the support section of the app) and/or deleting the AsthmApp app from your smartphone, and/or by contacting

v. Request the complete deletion of your data, including all past data sent to third-party services used for tracking and analysis, by reaching out to Your data will be deleted within 30 days.

Data security

We apply security measures to protect against the misuse, loss, and/or alteration of personal information under our control. We follow industry best practices when transferring and storing your data. Though we cannot ensure or guarantee that misuse, loss or alteration of information will never occur, we use all reasonable efforts to prevent it.  Although we make good faith efforts to store the non-public information entered into the App in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public, we cannot guarantee complete security. We cannot and do not guarantee that our security measures will prevent third party “hackers” from illegally accessing our site or App and obtaining access to content or information thereon.

How AsthmApp stores your personal data

If you have an account with AsthmApp, your personal profile data (email address) is stored separately from your health data and your service settings. This allows us to ensure the highest possible level of privacy for your health data. Your password is stored using one-way encryption and it cannot be read by us.

Your data is transmitted between your device and AsthmApp’s servers using the HTTPS protocol for encryption. HTTPS is the same technology used to create secure connections for your web browser and is indicated by a padlock icon in the URL bar of your browser.

Protect your device:

i. Activate either PIN, Touch ID (iPhone 5S models onwards), or Face ID (iPhone X onwards) authentication for your device. This automatically encrypts your AsthmApp data and prevents any person from using your device without your permission.

ii. Set up a feature that will allow you to erase all the data from your device if it’s been lost or stolen. For iOS, activating this feature is a two-step process: first, you need to Activate “Find My iPhone” via iCloud (see instructions on Apple Support pages) and then enable “Erase your device” (see instructions on Apple Support pages).

For Android, download and set up Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) from the Google Play Store and, if needed, use the connected web interface to lock or wipe your phone remotely.


Data Transfer outside of the EU and to third-party apps

Any personal data collected from you may only be transferred to countries outside the European Union / the European Economic Area (EEA) observing applicable privacy regulations and ensuring that your privacy rights remain protected.

Apple Health (iOS)

AsthmApp will not exchange any personal data with Apple’s Health Kit app without your prior approval. Approval is given by you in the relevant settings of the Health Kit app or within the AsthmApp app during initial user profile setup or via app settings and can be revoked by you at any time. If you have given your approval, AsthmApp may interact with the Health Kit app on your iOS device and read information from it, such as Steps, Sleep, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Weight data. This may include a transfer of your personal data to Apple servers located outside the European Union.

You can choose if and to what extent your personal data is exchanged between AsthmApp and the Health Kit app by granting or revoking appropriate permissions in the Health Kit app settings. Please refer to the Privacy Information of Apple Health for further information.

Google Fit

AsthmApp will not exchange any personal data with Google Fit without your prior approval, such approval is given by you in the relevant settings of Google Fit or within the AsthmApp app during initial user profile setup or via app settings and which can be revoked by you at any time. If you have given your approval, AsthmApp may interact with Google Fit on your Android device and read information from it, such as Steps, Sleep, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Weight data. This may include a transfer of your personal data to Google servers located outside the European Union.

You can choose whether or not your personal data is exchanged between AsthmApp and Google Fit by granting or revoking appropriate permissions in Google Fit settings. Please refer to the Privacy Information of Google Fit for further information.

Facebook Login

AsthmApp uses Facebook Login to allow our users to create and log in to their AsthmApp account with their Facebook credentials. If you sign up for AsthmApp using Facebook, you authorise us to collect your basic profile information available via Facebook such as your name and email address.  This information is collected by Facebook and is provided to us under the terms of Facebook’s privacy policy. You can control the data we receive from Facebook in the privacy settings within your Facebook account.


Young Users

AsthmApp does not knowingly collect or use personal data from children under the age of 16. By registering to an AsthmApp account, you are required to confirm that you are at least 16 years old.

If AsthmApp gains actual knowledge that the information has been collected from children under the age of thirteen in the United States in contradiction with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and the regulation thereunder, AsthmApp will not disclose this data and reserves the right to immediately delete the account and wipe all related information, including health and sensitive data of the user, from our servers.

If you are located in the EU, you can only use our services if you are over the relevant age at which you can provide explicit consent to the processing of your data under the laws of your country or if you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian. If you are a parent and learn that your child is using AsthmApp without your permission or if you have any specific question about data privacy at AsthmApp, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Collection and Usage of Contact List Information
At AsthmApp, we understand the importance of your privacy, including the privacy of your contact list information. AsthmApp may collect and use information from your contact list solely for the purpose of providing you with specific features of the AsthmApp service. This information may include names and contact details of individuals stored on your device. We assure you that we are committed to the privacy and security of your contact list information. We do not disclose this information to third parties without your explicit consent. By using AsthmApp, you consent to the collection and usage of your contact list information for the specified purposes outlined in this privacy policy. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the collection and usage of your contact list information, please contact us at

Changes to this privacy policy

AsthmApp reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and data use practices, the features of AsthmApp’s services, or advances in technology. Please check this page periodically for changes. If we make a change to this Privacy Policy that, in our sole discretion, is material, we will notify you by posting notice of these changes in this Privacy Policy.


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